3 Of The Best Ways To Keep A Woman Interested

Woman Kissing A Man Who Made Her LaughAs men, we’ve all been there with a girl. It starts out hot and heavy. You can’t get enough of one another. You spend every waking second together. It doesn’t even matter what you do, as long as you do it together.

Then, the fog rolls in…

Slowly, but surely, you settle into a familiar routine and a comfortable pattern. The fire begins to fade. Those red hot embers of passion become a few fleeting puffs of smoke. She starts to pull away, and you wonder if there’s anything you can do to keep her interested.

You’re definitely not alone. That’s for sure. Thousands upon thousands of relationships go through these very same slump periods.

So what can you, as the man, do to fan the flames and get things back on track? What’s the best way to keep a woman interested?

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In the meantime, let’s talk about a few of the best ways you can keep her interested and revive what may otherwise turn into a stale and lost relationship.

1. Surprise Her

For the ladies men out there, I know this goes without saying, but I still need to clarify so we’re all on the same page.

When I say “surprise her”, I’m not talking about sending her flowers at work or cooking her a meal on the fly. Those kinds of things are all well and good when done in moderation, but what I’m referring to is a change in the way you make your decisions. I’m talking about spontaneity.

Take a spur of the moment vacation, or make your weekend interesting by jumping in the car and driving down the coast on a whim. Let yourself get carried away.

Try out new restaurants in the area. Go to the next town over for a dinner date. Try ethnic foods you’ve never sampled before. Go to an indie movie theater and watch something outside your normal wheelhouse.

Are you getting the point? To keep a woman interested, be spontaneous, make things fun, and don’t be routine and boring. Make your life an adventure and let her be a part of it.

2. Make Her Laugh

To keep a woman interested, go out of your way to put a smile on her face. Bring a sense of humor to the table, and make her laugh. Lighten the mood and ease her mind.

If you make her feel amazing every time she’s with you, she won’t want to let you go.

3. Dress For Success And Have Ambition

You’ve heard the old idiom at work, but it’s equally applicable in your daily life. Part of the reason relationships grow stale over time is because people stop trying. They don’t necessarily mean to. They just get comfortable, and it happens.

If you want your woman to keep looking good for you, then you should do the same for her. “Dressing for success” in this case isn’t about wearing Armani suits every day. It’s more about just giving a damn about your appearance.

Shave. Cut your hair on occasion. Don’t become a couch potato. Don’t become the guy who never picks up after himself or who picks shirts up off the floor in the morning, sniffs them, and if they don’t smell like cow’s ass, puts them on.

Along with that, one of the best ways to keep a woman interested is to be driven and ambitious. Always have a “mission” and work hard to achieve it. Just don’t forget how much she means to you in the process.